The parade begins at the corner of E. Main St. and S. Division St., travels down Main St. to O’Malley St., travels down O’Malley St. to 6th St., travels down 6th St. to Holiday Dr. and travels down Holiday Dr. to the WaunaFest grounds at Centennial Park.

The route is 1.5 miles long.

The parade has about 100 units and should last approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. We cannot predict exactly how long the parade will last as this is dependent on how quickly/slowly the entrants will move along the route.

NEW location for 2023!  The judges stand will be located in the parking lot at 124 W Main Street.

The list of parade entrants on the website indicates all entrants included in the parade at this time. If your entry form was submitted later, we may not have updated the list with your entry yet. We will update the list as often as we are able to.

Parade entrants should check in with one of the parade volunteers wearing orange vests on the corner of E. Main St. and S. Division St.

Parade entrants can arrive any time after 9 a.m., but by 10:30 a.m. at the latest to ensure all entrants find their staging location and are ready to enter the parade on time.

When you check in on parade day, you will be given your staging number and your parade number. No matter where you are placed in the lineup, you still need to arrive at the same time and check in at the same area.

All location requests were considered and honored to the best of our ability. There are many factors considered for placement in the parade. We placed you as close to where you requested to be placed as we were able.

Parade entrants are welcome to HAND OUT candy, etc., but DO NOT THROW CANDY FROM PARADE UNITS! Entrants throwing candy from parade units will be subject to removal from the parade by the Waunakee police department! This will be strictly enforced by parade volunteers and the Waunakee police department!

Parade Rules

  • PLEASE DO NOT THROW CANDY FROM VEHICLES! THOSE THROWING CANDY ARE SUBJECT TO REMOVAL FROM PARADE BY WAUNAKEE POLICE! To ensure the safety of parade participants and watchers, please make sure to walk candy to the curb. We CAN NOT have kids running into the street to pick up candy. This will be strictly enforced by parade volunteers and the Waunakee Police Department!
  • Please use good judgment if you are squirting water, as many parade viewers do not wish to be sprayed! Please be respectful!
  • Please try to avoid causing gaps down the parade route. In years past parade watchers have started to leave thinking the parade was over due to large gaps.
  • If your unit is lined up on South Division Street, please keep your unit to the side of the road as you advance to Main Street, to avoid any blockage of the road. If there is an emergency first responders need to be able to get through.

Thank you for helping to make this year’s WaunaFest Parade a safe and fun experience!

The Following is an Official Statement from The WaunaFest Board:

In an effort to prioritize the safety and health of our community and festival attendees, WaunaFest is cancelling WaunaFest 2020.

We are excited to use this next year to plan an even bigger and better WaunaFest for 2021 when we celebrate 150 years of Waunakee at WaunaFest!

Mark your calendar to join us July 22 – July 25, 2021!